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Director’s Message


When we recall words “We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India…..”, we remember the great dream of our Constitutional Fathers that it is “people” who make India. Likewise, it is “people” to whom, by whom and from whom we make development.

God, our Creator, has a dream in the creation of his people as they are the crown of his creation. Human can never deny that ‘their being’ is part and parcel of the Creator. Therefore the Creator has placed wonders of creation at his disposal. That, is a real human being, who recognizes all people as his or her own. No human is an island. We cannot think of eliminating another based on caste and creed. All humans are bound by a thread of unity because of the very image and likeness of God. So ‘Development’ takes birth in the very thought of an individual when he or she tries to live with people and reach out to make the life of people happy, healthy and dignified.

CODP has this very dream expressed in its Vision, “A Society of Justice, Peace and Love where people live with dignity and in communion with Self, Neighbour, Cosmos and God”. The synonym for this Vision is ‘Development is People’.

Let us join hands to make CODP reach to all people.

Fr Vincent Dsouza
Director, CODP