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Our Functionality


  • Participatory: Planning, implementing and evaluation.
  • Animating: Building capacity of individuals and institutions to be the change-agents.
  • Collaboration with government and non-governmental organizations.


Its thrust is animation and education whereby it strives to promote people’s groups and people’s organization through people’s participation.

To take stock of where we were going we conducted an evaluation of all our programs and activities in late nineties. The evaluation made it clear that the C.O.D.P. has its activities of one type or the other spread over more than 500 villages in the districts of Dakshina Kannada and Kasargod in Kerala. There are full time development workers with C.O.D.P. who have built links with a large number of poor in the villages. Its activities and programs have given rise to numerous concrete benefits. There are skilled and committed personnel, and a number of community based organizations and groups involved in development.


While working in development C.O.D.P. concentrates mainly on;

  • Landless – scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and other agricultural and manual labourers
  • Economically backward, semi-literate rural unemployed youth (men and women)
  • Needy rural artisans
  • Small and marginal needy farmers without other sources of income
  • Women and children of the weaker sections and domestic workers.


FUNCTIONS Through institutions and active voluntary organizations in villages
SUPPORTS People’s initiatives in community development
SERVES The needy regardless of their caste and religion
HELPS Communities to identify felt needs through scientific survey
GUIDES The sponsors in devising and implementing projects.
ENCOURAGES People’s involvement in planning and executing projects and programs
MOBILIZES Resources (material and human) internal and external to assist project implementation
STRENGTHENS People’s organizations and clubs (farmers clubs, Mahila Mandals)
TRAINS Local leaders, in rural development and sponsors them for higher training in India and abroad
CONDUCTS Seminars, meetings, conferences to educate people
GIVES Publicity to community development, projects and programs through books, pamplets, press, media and website
PROVIDES Opportunities for practical experiences for graduates, social work students and Indian/foreign volunteers in community work
SHARES Information and experience with the personnel from other agencies and countries.