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Anti Drug Project


Goal is to work towards a community free from substance abuse especially among Adolescents and Youth.

Our Motto : “Choose life, not substance”

Awareness programs and Medical camps conducted by CODP to help citizens understand the negative impact of Drugs.

On account of Anti Drug abuse awareness among colleges, a walkathon was organised by CODP- Bandhavya which witnessed over 1000 participants on the streets of Mangalore from Padua to Bendur shouting slogans of “Say No to Drugs”.

Google Survey form helped us get a graph of youngsters who are aware of the drugs available and how they say NO to it at every step of their lives. Also those young adults who willingly help their peers in staying away from this evil called Drugs.

National Anti-Drug Addiction Day is celebrated on October 2 every year to build awareness against drugs in India.

Emphasize an awareness of choice, personal responsibility, and understanding of consequences. Raise awareness about the negative impact of stigma and discrimination on people who use drugs and their families. Educate about drug use disorders, available treatments and the importance of early intervention and support.