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SPARSHA – A Cancer detection and prevention campaign


  • Conducted 59 awareness talks on Cancer related topics and health schemes, etc.  3,612 students and 1,177 SHG, Federation members and.others participated.
  • 3 Hair Donation Drives were organized – 106 people  donated their braids and 3 hair wigs were handed over to cancer survivors.
  • 6 Blood donation, General health and Cancer screening camps were held.  38 blood donors responded, 80 oral screening, 50 breast screening and 76 Pap smear tests were done.
  • 98 people enrolled for health cards at 3 Ayushman Bharath Health Card drives
  • House visits were conducted and psycho-social support was extended to 29  cancer patients
  • 256 participated in 20 training programs in organic kitchen gardening.  33  have set up their own kitchen gardens
  • Nutritious food kits worth Rs 30,000/- was provided to 15 people
  • Conducted a survey on “Impact of Industrialization on Health & Environment” in Chelairu area through house visits  to get opinion of people on rise in cancer cases. 25 responded to the survey.
  • 100 Graviola (Lakshaman phal) saplings were distributed at schools
  • Provided financial support to the tune of Rs 2,66,000/- to 30 cancer patients
  • Around 130 SHG members and general public participated in a ‘Walkathon’ organized by Sparsha as a part of Womens’ Day programme.
  • Video recording on Testimonies of 2 Cancer survivors is done
  • Collaborated with Hospitals, Health institutions, local Government bodies, NGOs for various project activities.