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Application Format For CODP jubilee Housing Program



Dear Rev. Father,

Greetings from Fr Vincent Dsouza, Secretary, CODP.

The CODP® Mangaluru will be completing 50 years since its establishment in April 2024. To mark its ‘Golden Jubilee’, the CODP has planned to help in construction of 50 houses for the most needy families in the Diocese of Mangalore.

The plan is to invite applications from the parishes and based on the guidelines followed, select the most needy 50 families and assist them in the construction of their house. A write-up on this project was published in the Raknno dated 03.03.2023 and Internos of March 2023.

The Google form and guidelines to this effect is enclosed with this letter. I request you to select a most needy beneficiary family from your parish in consultation with your Parish Committee. Kindly fill in complete details, based on the guidelines/criteria to be followed, update the necessary documents wherever it is asked in the form to upload and return the filled in application form soft copy to CODP along with your covering letter.

Once the application is approved we will communicate it to you.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Fr Vincent Dsouza

Encl: 1. Guidelines,
2.Application form Google site:

Golden Jubilee year of CODP, guidelines from CODP Diocesan Building Program Committee to select the apt beneficiary to the program:

1.The area of the house to be constructed will be 650-700 sq feet
2.Those who have their own land shall be given preference with supporting documents.
3.CODP will provide 3 plans and estimates, including a plan for the tiled roof. Following are the three plans:
4.Plan 1 – Tiled house with steel roof – cost 7 lakhs
Plan 2 – 661 sq feet – cost 8 Lakhs
Plan 3 – 700 sq feet – cost 8,47,201 terrace
5.Application can also be submitted for repair work
6.From one parish maximum one applications can be submitted
7.Applicant should have minimum 3 to 3.5 cents own land.
8.While constructing the house, the beneficiary seeks help from parish, local people, government or relatives. Through “Shramadhan” cost reduction is to be planned.
9.Diocese of Mangalore with the support of donors will provide 51% of the funds for construction of the house and balance should be provided by the applicant through different sources.
10.The application submitted by applicant to government should accompany the application given to the Jubilee building committee.
11.The beneficiary is selected by the parish authority, which in turn will submit the applications after checking all the details with their recommendation to the Jubilee building committee.
12.The final approval of the application will be by the Jubilee Building committee.
13.For repair of the house, the committee will check the need and cost details by visiting the house.
14.Parish Priest or duly delegated committee should be responsible for all contact and communication.
15.Applications are called from the families of Mangalore Diocese only.
16.Separate applications for repair works (two) can be given.
Subject: Mangalore Diocese -CODP Housing Project

 Reference :  Internos Vol 17, No. 3, March 2023-Page 72

Dear Parish Priest, 

With reference to the above subject, please note the following addenda

The parish committee should select the beneficiary and upload filled softcopy application form on Google form. The filled-in softcopy along with supporting documents should be emailed to by 30th April, 2023. 

The applicant should write a hardcopy request to the parish priest/committee for house construction /repair works and get it endorsed by the same. The endorsed hardcopy should be submitted by parish priest/committee through post to CODP office by 30th April,2023.

Please refer attached plans of the housing project. 

Yours truly,

Fr. Vincent D’Souza

Secretary CODP