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The Government of India has introduced various programmes for the welfare of the rural masses through the local bodies or Grama Panchayats. However, due to deep rooted corruption, lack of transparency and accountability in the administration, lack of awareness on the part of the people these benefits rarely reach the rural poor. Hence this project is designed to make the common people aware on their right to seek accountability which will ultimately lead to Good Governance.

Goal :

Empowerment through awareness on Right to seek accountability leading to Good Governance.

Target Area :

8 villages in Dakshina Kannada and Kasargod Districts

Objectives :

  • Promote transparency and accountability
  • Make people aware about Consumers Act
  • Help people to tap Government schemes.


conducted in 2009-10:

Awareness trainings on:

  • RTI Act: 23 progs – 1205 participants
  • RTI for school children: 17 progs – 1604 students
  • National Rural Employment Scheme: 29 progs – 1338 people
  • National Rural Health Scheme: 30 progs – 1693 people
  • Consumer’s Rights: 26 progs – 1259 people


Peoples Watch Committees formed: 6

No. of people and Benefits availad as a result of GG awareness/training:

  • Job cards received under MGREGA: 2,379
  • Health cards/benefits under NRHM: 383 people
  • Widow/Old-age/Handicap pension: 66
  • Housing/Ashraya Scheme: 100 people – Welfare Schemes for construction workers/agricul. labourers, etc.: 100
  • Another 156 people have availed various other benefits.

Group benefits availed:

  • SHG Revolving Fund (Group): 32
  • Street lights: 1 village
  • Ration shop/Anganwadi/Drainage: 1 group each
  • Road repairs/New road/Asphalting/concretizing: Total 14 1/2 kms.