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Training on Natural Resources Management


On 16.11.2022 a session on natural resources management was organized by CODP® Mangaluru for its field staff, numbering 19 members. Mr Haridas from Caritas India explained in brief about natural resources, and how best one can manage and conserve these resources, like increasing water level through different components, improving quality of soil by converting kitchen waste to organic manure and using it to grow healthy food and managing plastic waste in constructive ways.

In continuation to the above training, Mr Peter Dsouza, Mr Anthony Nazreth and Ms Savitha Dsouza, Staff of CODP; practically demonstrated how to make jeevamrutha and fish manure. They explained in detail the items and proportion required in preparing the same and how this could be used in growing healthy fruit and vegetables in small kitchen gardens or even farms. This demonstration was held in Rusemp campus at Pakshikere. The staff were joined by some SHG and Federation members. Around 43 members were present in the afternoon session.