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Attention Educare Students! Motivation programmes 2014-15


As we have communicated to Educare students earlier, we are organizing motivational programmes for Educare beneficiary students on various dates from November 2014 to February 2015. The students are requested to present themselves at the CODP hall at the exact time and date specified in the attached list. If you cannot attend the programme on specified date then please call us back and get an alternate date. We request you to participate in this programme as it is a part of our Educare project.

It is compulsory that you should attend this programme. Renewal students cannot attend the programme of Fresh students as the topics are different for fresh students.

The agenda of programme for Fresh Students

09.30-11.30 am Civil Services

11.30-11.45 am Tea Break & Registration

11.45-01.45 pm Self Esteem

1.45 pm Evaluation and Lunch

The dates of motivation programmes for 2014-15 for fresh students is attached to this article. If the date given , please call and get the alternate date as early as possible by informing Mrs. Reena Dcosta, Ph. No: 9480 511 580 (Between 9.00 and 5.00 pm) or email educaremng@admin

Please click here to find the dates of motivation programmes 2014-15 for fresh students.