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Mangaluru: CODP, FMCON initiate reducing, recycling waste plastics project


Mangaluru, Jan 18: Reducing, reusing and recycling plastics for a better tomorrow is the need of the hour. With this motto, the Swachh Bharat Club and Institutional Values and best practices committee of Father Muller College of Nursing (FMCON) in association with CODP (Canara Organization for development and Peace), Mangaluru, initiated a project of reducing waste plastics by remodeling them into useful commodity.

The activity began in the month of June, 2023 where the students and staff collected empty 2 litre plastic bottles from different places and the dry plastics from the institutional campus.

The tedious work involved was stuffing the bottles with the dry plastics. The students accomplished the task with utmost interest and contributed to the environmental sustainability. The first 60 bottles completed were utilized to construct ‘The eco-bench’ at Gujjarakere Park, Jeppu, Morgans gate, Mangaluru. The materials used for the construction apart from the plastic bottles were sand, cement, clay and granite stone. The construction of bench started on January 10, 2024 and completed on January 15, 2024. The programme was planned and executed by the chairpersons of the committees, Priya Pereira and Sandra Saldanha.