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Three-days Youth Empowerment training to students of Class VIII & IX


A three-days training camp was organized by Diocesan CAP Cell for selected YET students of classes 8 and 9, from October 10 to 12, 2016 in CODP-ISD Mangaluru.

On 10th October 2016, following classes were conducted for 8th std students: History: Indian Freedom Struggle (1870 – 1947) by Mrs. Sheryl Prabhu, GMAT by Mr. Patrick Braggs, English Grammar by Mrs. Pramila, Civics: Indian Constitution by Mr. Richard Alvares.

For 9thstd students: GMAT by Mr. Patrick Braggs, History: French & Russian Revolutions, Main events & Personalities by Mrs. Sheryl Prabhu, Economics: Poverty as a challenge by Mrs. Mercine, Civics: Democracy, Panchayath to Parliament by Mr. Richard Alvares.

In the evening there was an interactive session between YET students and Mr. Antony Mariappa, IFS Officer.

Mr Antony Mariappa, IFS officer who is originally from Mangaluru (Derebail)  is currently deputed as Deputy Conservative officer of Forest in Belgavi.  He was invited to CODP to interact and motivate YET students to appear for Civil services exams  Fr. Oswald Monteiro, Director of CODP, welcomed Mr Antony Mariappa, and his mother Mrs. Pauline Mariappa.  Mr Mariappa gave a brief introduction about his career and explained the methodology of appearing for the Civil Service exams through a Power Point presentation.

Some of the students interacted with him and asked questions about civil service exams. He explained to them in detail by giving examples of some of his colleagues.’

On behalf of the students, Mr. Francis D Cunha, Headmaster of Padava High School, thanked Mr.Mariappa for sparing his time to be with the students, and also for sharing his knowledge and experience with them.

On 11th October 2016 following classes were conducted for 8thstd students: GMAT by Mr. Patrick Braggs, Biology: Cytology by Mrs. Lynet, Maths by Ms. Jonita.

For 9th std students: Geography: Geographical features of Karnataka by Mrs. Sheryl Prabhu, English Grammar by Mrs. Pramila, Biology: Study of Tissues by Mrs. Lynet, Maths by Ms. Jonita, GMAT by Mr. Patrick Braggs.  That day evening, there was Group Dynamics by Mr. Norbert Misquith.

On 12th October 2016 following classes were conducted for 8th std students: Maths by Ms Jonita, Physics: Coal, Petroleum combustion, Pollution by Mrs. Sharmila, History: India after Independence by Mrs. Sheryl Prabhu, Economics: Basis of Economics by Mrs. Mercine.

For 9thstd students: Physics: Force & Lenis of Motion by Mrs. Sharmila, History: Religious Reforms of India & Bhakthi Pantha by Mrs. Sheryl Prabhu, Economics: Food security in India by Mrs. Mercine, GMAT and Current Affairs by Mr. Patrick Braggs.

In all there were 94 students who participated in the YET training camp.  27 students were provided with overnight residential facility in CODP, since they had come from far off places.

On 10th and 11th evening Fr. Vernon Vaz conducted General Knowledge Quiz regarding UPSC and classes in spoken English for the resident students.